Our Company is established in year 1994, in Rajkot, Gujarat. We manufacture Biomass Briquettes in our “Biomass Briquetting Plant” under the strict supervision of Mr. Sanjay Tilala (Managing Director and Chairman). We are having a rich experience of 19 years into the business of Biomass. Our Company has penetrated the global market by having its niche in Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South East Asia, Emirates and Asian Countries. (Text for Left side)

What Is Biomass Fuel Briquette ?

Biomass briquettes are generally made of green waste and other organic materials. These are commonly used to generate electricity, heat, and cooking fuel. They are used to warmth industrial boilers in order to create electricity from steam. The most common use of briquettes is in the developing world, where energy sources are not as widely available. These compressed or solid compounds contain various organic materials, including rice husk, bagasse, ground nut shells, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, or anything that contains high nitrogen content.

Biomass briquettes are a biofuel replacement to coal and charcoal. It is also a block of flammable matter used as fuel to start and maintain a fire. They are used to heat industrial boilers in order to produce electricity from steam.

What Is Biomass Fuel Briquette ?
What Is Biomass Fuel Briquette ?

It is a project to convert agro forestry waste to Bio coal. It is very short project to make best out of waste. In brief we can describe, it is machinery which is capable of binding any agro-forestry waste in to finished Briquettes or Bio-coal or White coal.

As we know very well regarding importance of Fuel. Fuel is the heart of Industries. There is a huge shortage of Coal, Natural Gases, Kerosene, Diesel, Lignite etc. Biomass Briquettes are significantly renowned as White Coal. This Fuel is used as an ideal replacement for coal, wood logs, husk and other conventional fuels for heating steam generation. The briquettes can be used as a substitute of any fuel in different fields. The shortage of this conventional fuel is increasing day by day. Thus it indicates a golden future for alternative fuel.

Fuel briquette is black, brown in color. When agriculture waste of cellular nature is briquetted, it produces low cost, high calorific value fuel which can from a good substitute for wood and coal. This implies conversion of waste into a useful energy source.

We use a suitable technology to convert agriculture and forests wastage into useful Bio-coal. To convert agro-forestry wastage into useful Bio-coal, briquetting machine plant technology is used. In this technology, the low density bio mass is converted into high density bio mass and energy concentrated fuel called BRIQUTTES, which are used to replace solid fuels like coal and wood etc. The briquetting plant technology does not require any chemical to bind the low density bio mass, a substance in solid form is present in all bio masses. When the bio mass is subjected to heavy pressure heat, the lignin is converted into liquid and acts as natural binder to produce high density bio mass fuel, i.e. BRIQUTTES. Biomass briquettes are Non conventional Source of energy, Renewable in nature, Eco friendly and Economical. The process of converting biomass to solid fuel is also non-polluting.

Advantages of Biomass Fuel Briquettes: (Right Sided Text)
  • Briquettes are cheaper than coal.
  • Oil, coal or lignite is used at one time, it cannot be replaced.
  • There is no fly ash when burning briquettes.
  • High sulfur content of oil and coal when it burnt and it pollutes the environment. There is no sulfur present in our manufactured Briquettes.
  • Briquettes have high specific density (1200 Kg/m3) and bulk density (800 Kg/m3) compared to 60 to 180 Kg/m3 of loose biomass.